Product Technologies

Double Glass
Bi-facial Solar Panel

  • 30 years Linear Power Warranty.
  •  Bi-facial solar cell panel able to
    harvest sunlight from both Front +
    Rear side to achieve extra energy
  • Low Degradation. First year -1.0%,
    subsequent years -0.40% p.a. At year
    30th will still perform at 87.4% of its
    initial solar panel rated power.​

BiPV Metal Sheet & Solar
2-in-1 Building Materials

  • 25 years Linear Power Warranty.
  • BIPV is roof material by itself,
    incorporates conventional
    corrugated roof Metal sheet + Solar
    panel into 2-in-1 water-proof roof
    building materials.
  • Ideal for green field project to build
    once and get best of both world:
    water-proof roof layers with solar
    system feature.

Thin Flexible Bendable
Light Weight Panel

  • 25 years Linear Power Warranty.
  • 4mm thickness thin and frameless
  • 7.4kg per panel light weight
  • 30 degrees bendable ability
  • Ideal for low mechanical load
    surfaces, fragile curvature roof,
    vertical installation, etc.