Project Applications

Residential Rooftop

  • Solar rooftop with additional waterproof layer.
  • 100% Utility Bill offset to reduce
    Household Expenses.
  • Solar-Ready House pre-build with
    property developer. (green field
  • Micro Grid Village for the entire
    Residential Area. (green field or
    brown field project both possible)

Commercial & Industrial Rooftop

  • Net Zero Emission Building to
    achieve Green Mark Certificate
    (Policy Driven).
  • Bi-facial Panel on Metal Sheet or
    Cement roof to maximize Energy
  • Overlay BiPV 2-in-1 Metal Sheet
    Solar on existing old roof to resolve
    water leakage while generating solar
  • BiPV 2-in-1 Metal Sheet Solar Green Field or new buildings.
Special function

Special Feature Product

  • Solar-Agriculture Farming.
  • Solar Carpark w/wo EV Charger.
  • Solar on container, curvature roof,
    marine vessels, mobile vehicle’s, etc.
  • Vertical Solar on building façade,
    perimeter fence & railing, etc.