About Us


PHOTOVOLTAIC FOUNDRY PTE. LTD. ("Pvfoundry") is a solar technology company specialises in Design, Customisation and Manufacturing of High Power Density Module and BiPV In-Roof Integrated Module solution for both residential and industrial project. PvFoundry state-of-the-art customised solution helps client implement niche applications and increase project ROI%.

The team at PvFoundry has experience in managing GW level of solar production throughout the whole value chain, from product design, bill-of-material sourcing, new product introduction, quality management to high volume manufacturing. We have worked with manufacturers in Greater China, South-east Asia, South Asia, and North America.


Photovoltaic Foundry is the expert in developing and supplying of high power solar modules and customized solar modules of different size & voltage & current.


Photovoltaic Foundry provides turnkey solutions for solar integrated zinc roof, including solar roof panels, integrated inverters, and monitoring systems.


Photovoltaic Foundry develops solar projects, sources system Balance-Of-System and holds PPA-based projects in our fixed income asset portfolio.


Industry leading solar module products
Conventional Solar Modules

Mono-crystalline: up to 360W

Poly-crystalline: up to 330W

Conventional Solar Modules

Cost-effective module for general applications

Double Glass Solar Modules

Mono-crystalline: up to 360W

Reliable Double Glass Modules

Protected from both side with glass

Double Glass Bifacial Solar Modules

Mono-crystalline: up to 400W

Bifacial Double Glass Modules

Generate power from both sides

High Power Density Modules

Mono-crystalline: up to 400W

Poly-crystalline: up to 360W

High Power Density Modules

Maximized power per unit area

BIPV Building-integrated PV Module

Completed 2-in-1 solar roof solutions

High Voltage Module

Ideal for high voltage and high power application

High voltage, high power and durable (customisable, build to order)

Voltage: 5V ~ 48V

Power: 20W ~ 400W

High Voltage Module (Customisable)

Application: Off-grid power source, module cleaning robot